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Remote Consulting Service
Price: $500

This is a remote service in which I initially consult with you on the telephone and then spend the additional time necessary studying aerial photos and topo maps of your hunting area to determine the best stand sites, best routes to and from the stands, creative ways to implement screening cover, best places for food plots, what to plant, a season-long strategy discussing which stands to hunt first and which ones to save I will also suggest the best sanctuary areas on your property and will offer some input on possible habitat projects.  I will detail the best ten stand sites and explain why I selected each.  

Basically, I treat your property as if it were a new location that I will be hunting this fall and then I go through the entire process of researching the relevant details and setting it up to hunt. 

When completed, (usually within two weeks) I will e-mail you a report of my analysis and inform you that I have finished marking up your aerial photo and topo map.  You can have the maps custom printed byt MapCard or you can download them to your computer.  After you sign up for the consulting service, you will need to get a MapCard.com account, outline the property you want me to analyze and then e-mail us at info@midwestwhitetail.com with your MapCard account information.  We will schedule a time to discuss your property (about 45 minutes on the phone) and then I will get right to work.  For more information, take a look at my recent blog.