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Latest: Patterning Big Jr.
My strategy for narrowing down Big Jr.'s home range and updates from the prostaff!

Latest: Shoot or Pass?
I've got a big 4 year old on camera, tough decisions, and early season action!

Latest: Early Season Action
Hunting action from NE and how to make a horizontal mock rub!

Latest: Plotting the Course
Food Plots, Strategy, and Hit List Bucks!

Latest: Preseason Prep
Food plots, public land scouting, and setting up my Hoyt Nitrum!

Latest: New Beginnings
Rescuing food plots and the excitement of learning a new property!

Latest: Preview Show
It's time to get fired up for another season of whitetail hunting action!

Latest: Do It Yourself Food Plots
Food plot excitement: mowing, burning, seeding and more!

Quetico Trip and Filming Hunts
Quetico fishing action and how to properly film a hunt!

Behind the Scenes
Get a behind the scenes look at the Midwest Whitetail office!

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