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Latest: Food Plot Strategies
My food plot plans and how to install camo wrap on a gun!

Creative Stands
Check out the stand I once hunted right off a county road!

Mineral Time
It is time to get the mineral out on my farm and learn how to cook turkey breast!

Latest: Terrain Features
I take a scouting walk on my farm, and we join Scott Prucha for a prescribed fire!

Latest: Scent Control System
Learn my full scent control regiment!

Latest: Shed Hunt Surprises
A couple of "Big" antlers are found! Also, a discussion of deer density on my farm.

Latest: Coyote Strategy
Coyote Trapping, Stand of the Week, Buck/Doe Ratio

Latest: Iowa Deer Classic
Big bucks, new products, and highlights from the Iowa Deer Classic!

Latest: Shed Hunt, Deer Survey
Results from our shed hunt, a camera survey, and a recipe for venison stroganoff!

Latest: Lessons Learned, Hoyt Tour
Breaking down a successful hunt and a tour of Hoyt's factory!

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