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Latest: Poor Man Plots: Phase I
The latest Poor Man plot location and Wilderness Athlete benefits!

Latest: The Surprise Release
Surprise release techniques and the Genesis seeder in action!

Latest: Poor Man Food Plots
Get some insight on affordable food plots!

Latest: Perfect Food Plots
Bill explains the ideal plot location and Chef Neale prepares venison!

Latest: Killer Access
Tips for bulletproof entry and exit routes!

Latest: Landscaping for Whitetails Pt. 2
Tree pruning and frost seeding benefits!

Latest: Landscaping for Whitetails Pt. 1
Iowa Deer Classic and pruning apple trees!

Latest: George Brett
Story of George Brett, frost seeding and sheds!

Latest: White Gold
Shed hunting action from the Winke farm!

Latest: The Perfect Shot
The anatomy of shot angles, rabbit hunting tips and a delicious recipe!

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