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Latest: Mapping The Wind
Learn what terrain features make for the most consistent winds.

Latest: How To Hunt Creeks
We'll walk a creek on the farm and discuss what makes them great for funneling deer

Latest: Mapping Hot Spots
I'll explain how to find the best spots on your property by using maps.

Latest: Food Plot Solutions
Spraying the plot with Calcium and putting out Trophy Rocks. A new turkey recipe.

Latest: Killer Micro Plots
We'll renovate an old food plot and pick up some sheds on this week's show.

Latest: The Perfect Stand
Here's how we located the perfect spot to kill Touchdown!

Latest: Post-Season Scouting Tips
The new stand is set, so we did some scouting and found a big surprise!

Latest: Post-Season Plans
This week we'll hang the stand, scout a new property and do some predator hunting!

Latest: Late Winter Adjustments
Late winter adjustments to boost your odds of success next fall!

Latest: Season Finale
Highlight reel and new products from the ATA show!

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