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Better Late Than Never
Collin Giles and Mitch Niebur discuss their plans as they head into the final week of the season.

Youth Success
UPDATE: Mike Versland's nephews were able to harvest bucks on a Youth Park Hunt.

The Time Has Come
UPDATE: Some nice bucks have finally shown up on Mike Versland's small property!

Opening Day Plans
UPDATE: Mike Versland updates us on his hunting in Wisconsin as well as his plans for Minnesota this weekend and the upcoming weeks.

MN DNR Accepting Applications for Camp Ripley Hunt
UPDATE: Applications for coveted Camp Ripley hunt begins July 1.

Shed Hunting Update
UPDATE: Mike Versland found the sheds from the 180" buck he was targeting.

A Happy Ending
UPDATE: With a difficult season behind Pro Staff member Mike Versland, he finally ends the season with a smile, find out why!

A Turn of Events
UPDATE: Hunting is unpredictable, which can cause for happy and sad moments, but perseverance pays off!

Pounds of Meat
UPDATE: Youth hunters find success in Minnesota! The Versland family harvested three big bodied deer, including two bucks!

Waiting for a Big One
UPDATE: The bucks are out and on the move, hunters decide to take risks and pass on younger bucks.

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