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MN DNR Accepting Applications for Camp Ripley Hunt
UPDATE: Applications for coveted Camp Ripley hunt begins July 1.

Shed Hunting Update
UPDATE: Mike Versland found the sheds from the 180" buck he was targeting.

A Happy Ending
UPDATE: With a difficult season behind Pro Staff member Mike Versland, he finally ends the season with a smile, find out why!

A Turn of Events
UPDATE: Hunting is unpredictable, which can cause for happy and sad moments, but perseverance pays off!

Pounds of Meat
UPDATE: Youth hunters find success in Minnesota! The Versland family harvested three big bodied deer, including two bucks!

Waiting for a Big One
UPDATE: The bucks are out and on the move, hunters decide to take risks and pass on younger bucks.

A High Shot
UPDATE: The Minnesota Pro Staff take to the field for some rut action, one hunter learns from a high shot and heads back out to the woods.

Frustration in the Woods
UPDATE: Mike Versland encounters a tough hunting situation but does his best to stay calm, and his niece Jenny downs a doe!

Activity Increase
UPDATE: Young bucks are becoming very active, although usually at last light, but Mike Versland hopes the big boys will appear soon.

Awesome Encounter
UPDATE: Sometimes hunts don't go as planned, but Mike Versland keeps his head up and comes face to face with a mature buck.

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