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The Search Continues
UPDATE: Weather conditions have been less than ideal for hunting, and trail cameras aren't showing any mature bucks in the area.

With the Right Wind
UPDATE: Paul and his hunting crew found a beast of a buck and plan to hunt him when the wind is right.

The Rub Tree
UPDATE: Try Graham's technique and plant a rub tree to draw in a few bucks.

One week until Go Time
UPDATE: Mike has several last minute things to do before the season starts, but he is ready to sit in the cooler temperatures!

Ready To Go
UPDATE: Collin and Mitch have their bucks patterned and they are ready to hunt, are you?

Almost Ready!
UPDATE: The 2014 season is approaching fast, hunters are anxious and excited!

Soy Beans are Funneling Deer
Pray for deer patterns to continue, that'd make opening season a lot easier!

The Veteran: The Story Concludes
UPDATE: After a five year quest with a buck named "The Veteran," Michael Cabrelle finally closed the book.

Last Minute Success
UPDATE: A small Big-N-Beasty plot played a vital role in Mike Versland's late season hunting.

Late Season Success
UPDATE: After hunting hard throughout the fall, Mike Versland put his first Minnesota late season buck down on his own land.

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