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Almost Ready!
UPDATE: The 2014 season is approaching fast, hunters are anxious and excited!

Soy Beans are Funneling Deer
Pray for deer patterns to continue, that'd make opening season a lot easier!

The Veteran: The Story Concludes
UPDATE: After a five year quest with a buck named "The Veteran," Michael Cabrelle finally closed the book.

Last Minute Success
UPDATE: A small Big-N-Beasty plot played a vital role in Mike Versland's late season hunting.

Late Season Success
UPDATE: After hunting hard throughout the fall, Mike Versland put his first Minnesota late season buck down on his own land.

Gun Season Success
UPDATE: Finding the perfect spot on public land led to a couple bucks on the ground.

Moving In
UPDATE: After a relatively slow archery season, Wade Christopherson moved in for a successful firearm hunt.

The Time is Now
UPDATE: With the chasing phase nearing full swing, it is time to get in the woods as much as you can.

Filling the Freezer
UPDATE: Declining temperatures helped Mike Versland harvest his first ever deer on his own property. Click to learn more.

Too Hot To Hunt
With high temps and gusty winds, hunting conditions have been poor in Minnesota.

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