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Scraping Action
UPDATE: Drew Schliem has some great video of his top hit list buck working a scrape!

Finding Bucks Back
UPDATE: Drew Schliem shows that moving your trail cameras around can help you relocate those disappearing bucks!

Shed Hunting Wrap-Up
UPDATE: Paul Annear shows us his finds from shed season.

Stay Focused
UPDATE: There are mixed feelings on this year's rut. Jeff Nelson sheds some insight on how to stay focused.

Too Many Options
UPDATE: As everyone prepares to harvest bucks during the rut, Jeff Nelson is unsure of which location he wants to hunt.

Stay Calm
UPDATE: Jeff Nelson reminds us to take time to set up for the rut, but not to get too aggressive to fast.

Hunting the Greens
UPDATE: Find your hunting strategy and what will work in your area. Jeff Nelson plans to hunt over leafy greens.

Have a Back Up Plan
UPDATE: Try to be one step ahead, but if that doesn't work, it's good to have a second strategy.

Opening Weekend
UPDATE: Deer patterns usually continue through Opening weekend. Keep scouting to tag a buck early season!

Time to Get Serious
UPDATE: Get your game plan ready and always be one step ahead of your whitetail herd.

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