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Pro Staff - Illinois
Chaz Askew
Chaz Askew will bring Midwest Whitetail viewers footage of central Illinois bruisers. Click here to learn more about Chaz.

Jim Kuhlmann and Andy Melton
Hunting Illinois is nothing new for Jim and Andy. These two guys have hunted the state for many years and can't wait to share their season with you. Click here to learn more about this dynamic team.

Kamps Brothers
The Kamps brothers: Mitchell, and Justin, live in Michigan but when it comes hunting time, they make their way to northwest Illinois. Click here to learn more.

Paul Marshall and Scott Reinmann
Paul Marshall and Scott Reinmann are gearing up for another great season in northern Illinois. This team always manages to get on great bucks - you'll definitely want to keep up with them! Click here to learn more.

Austin Keene
With his degree in wildlife management, professional guiding experience and a true love for whitetails, Austin is sure to bring the Midwest Whitetail viewers some exciting and informative episodes this fall.

David Williams
David will be hunting those Illinois brusiers this fall. He has some extensive filming experience and is sure to bring some great footage to Midwest Whitetail-Heartland.

Philippe Boland
Philippe has many years of hunting mature whitetails under his belt and can't wait to bring you some great hunts from his hometown area of central Illinois.

Gabe Small
Gator's passion for the outdoors began at an early age and grows every year. He primarily hunts Illinois and Missouri and always manages to find great bucks to hunt. Click here to check out his profile.

Todd Berkenpas and Rich Fry
Todd and Rich have been hunting and filming together since 2003. This is their 5th year with Midwest Whitetail. Click here to learn more about this hunting duo.

John Melchi
John will be volunteering his time this year at the Mahomet-Seymour high school as a video editing instructor. John is a very knowledgable guy who will be hunting the state of Illinois. Click here for more.

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