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Pro Staff - Minnesota
Collin Giles and Mitch Niebur
Collin and Mitch were both introduced to Whitetail hunting at an early age by their fathers. Since then their passion for finding and hunting mature whitetail has only grown. Click to learn more.

Mitch Haaby and Zach Johnson
The North Woods presents hunters with a unique challenge, yet Mitch and Zach look forward to it each year. Click to learn more.

Luke and Matt Upgren
Luke and Matt Upgren are excited to bring viewers footage from public land hunts of the big woods of northern Minnesota. Click to learn more.

Travis Voelkner
Travis Voelkner of Bemidji, MN, will bring Midwest Whitetail viewers action from his home state as well as North Dakota. Click to learn more.

Lane, Brent, and Benji
This threesome of hunters have been hitting the woods together for multiple years now. They all share the same love for the outdoors and hope to bring you lots of footage of great whitetail action. Click here to learn more about the trio.

Chad Stenglein
Chad is an avid and passionate hunter that will consistently bring Midwest Whitetail great footage. He is involved in multiple outdoor clubs and is bringing an abundant amount of knowledge to the Pro Staff.

Craig Warner
Craig Warner is an avid outdoorsman that enjoys hunting all types of game. If he had to pick a favorite it would be whitetails, and he is going to work hard this year to put down some of his hit list bucks.

John Bier and Mark Blumhoefer
John and Mark are two whitetail addicts. Check out their profiles and see what they will be bringing to the Great Lakes show this season.

Mike Versland
Mike loves to figure out mature whitetails. Click here to check out his profile and what his plans are for putting a big buck on the ground this season. Be sure to check back to see Mike's hit list as it develops.

Wade Christopherson and Jill Lauer
Wade is excited to use his passion and professional experience to bring all the viewers of Midwest Whitetail some exciting hunts this season.

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