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Latest: Public Land Bruiser
Fast-paced rut action continues!

Latest: The November Chase
Scott Reinmann and Taylor Byers arrow two big mature bucks!

Latest: Killer Tactics
Scott Prucha and Erik Barber arrow two great bucks!

Latest: The Perfect Plan
A public land bruiser and an Iowa giant named "Mini" hit the ground!

Latest: Cold Front Bucks!
Luke Nissen arrows a buck of a lifetime during a mid-October cold front!

Latest: Redemption
Erik Barber tags a great buck, more hunting action and updates!

Latest: Cold Front Action
Fast-paced early season hunting action, my quest for patterning Big Jr. continues!

Latest: Patterning Big Jr.
My strategy for narrowing down Big Jr.'s home range and updates from the prostaff!

Latest: Shoot or Pass?
I've got a big 4 year old on camera, tough decisions, and early season action!

Latest: Early Season Action
Hunting action from NE and how to make a horizontal mock rub!

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