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Plot Preparation
Creative food plot ideas from the Great Lakes Region!

Preview Show
Welcome to the 2015 Great Lakes Show!

Season Highlights
Highlights from the Great Lakes!

Late Season Harvest
A quick update from Eric Alberda and a doe harvest from Collin Giles in Minnesota!

Food Plot Focus
Two late season hunts both revolving around valuable food sources!

Latest: Smoke and Snow
Updates from the Great Lakes crew this week, and a doe harvest in Minnesota!

Latest: Gun Season Success
Food sources attract the bucks for some gun season action!

Latest: Season Updates
We'll hear from Pro Staff members on how their seasons are progressing.

Latest: Finding Food
There's a lot going on in the Great Lakes area and deer are hungry for food!

Latest: Wisconsin Web
Wisconsin Pro Staff member finally finds sweet success for his #1 buck.

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