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Midwest Whitetail Consulting
Posted By Bill Winke at 2/10/2011 12:00:00 AM

20110210120051143.jpg Several years ago I introduced a consulting service through the mapping site, MyTopo.com, called MyTopoScout.  They promoted it through their website and it quickly became popular.  In fact, it became so popular that it overwhelmed me.  I had too much work on my plate so I stopped doing it.  I didn't see an easy way to scale it back to a manageable level short of just shutting it down.  But now with my own website, I have more control over the number of customers I take on so this starts to make sense again.  I am calling it Midwest Whitetail Consulting.

Here is how it works: You order the service from the Midwest Whitetail Consulting section of the MW Gear Catalog.  You then get a MapCard.com account and outline your property on the mapping page using their notation tools.  It is relatively simple to do.  E-mail us your phone number and the username and password at info@midwestwhitetail.com and we start a folder for you here

Next, I will e-mail to set up a time when I can call you to discuss the details of the propertyI have done enough of these that I know what to ask to find out all of the relevant details.  It takes about 45 minutes.  I will take notes as we talk and likely will also record the call.  One of my producers, Greg Clements, has a master's degree in whitetail behavior, so after the phone call Greg and I will sit down and review the notes together and then start to analyze the property, focusing on the challenges and opportunities it presents

As we study it, we will begin to mark up your aerial photo on your MapCard.com account.  You can even check in once in a while and see where we are in the process.  After we select the ten best stands, draw in the entry and exit routes and the likely food plot locations (if that is desired) we will begin detailing the plan on a Word documentWhen we are completed with both, we will e-mail you the report (which will also contain many thoughts on the best overall strategy for hunting the property - which stands to hunt first, which ones to hunt sparingly, which ones to save until the best days, which ones are best for early season and which for late season, etc.).  It is a comprehensive study - maybe that is why I got burned out on these things last time.  With Greg helping, I should be able to hold up a little bit better now.

After we send you the report via e-mail you can reference the maps on MapCard and really digest the plan.  From there you can save the maps to your computer, print them or order custom laminated prints from the MapCard folks, all quite easily.  If you have questions, feel free to e-mail.  I try to keep the number of calls down so I can stay focused on my work, but if you need to talk with me about any questions, I am certainly at your disposal.  I would just prefer that you try the e-mail route first, if possible. 

If you want a very simple summary of what this service entails, look at it this way: assume you just gave me permission to hunt the area.  It is the only spot I will have to hunt this fall and I need to get everything squared away before I drive out there and start putting up stands.  I will ask the same kinds of questions and put in the same level of study that I would invest if I were going to hunt it myself. 

The fee for the service is $500.  If you are interested, you can start the process by placing your order in the Midwest Whitetail Consulting section of my shopping cart.  If, at any time in the process, I feel that I can't do you any good (I have run into a few situations where I just didn't have the experience to help or the terrain and land use were such that I couldn't find anything useful to suggest) I can easily refund your money through PayPal.  If I think that is the best route, I will discuss with you first.

We'll start here and will eventually grow to include more on-site services. 

Have a great day!