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Posted By Bill Winke at 7/30/2009 12:00:00 AM

20131018123656468.jpgBill is the founder of Midwest Whitetail.  Bill hosts the Main Midwest Whitetail show, but you may know him best from the writing he does for several national hunting magazines.  Bill lives in southern Iowa with his wife Pam, daughter Jordan and son Andrew.  The Winke children love to hunt and will be regulars on the show.  Bill does all his hunting on private land.  The terrain is gently rolling to sharply rolling.  There is plenty of cover to support good deer numbers and being Iowa, it has the genetics to occasionally produce some real whoppers.  

Though the area has good numbers of mature bucks, not all of those bucks have big antlers, so you may see Bill (or one of his friends) shoot the occasional management buck.  It is all good.  They love shooting those old warriors.   


Double G4: I have hunted this buck the past two seasons.  He wasn't really on my radar in 2009 until I first saw him on November 5, that year.  He had grown from a nice 3 1/2 year old in 2008 to a very impressive buck.  Strangely, he had a withered right main beam.  But I still would have been proud to shoot him.  I encountered him twice that season.  You can see the short segments here.  


November 5, 2009: 

Here is the footage from the morning when I really thought I was going to kill him.  He responded to the grunt call but then disappeared before making it all the way to the tree stand.






December 3, 2009: The buck came out about 100 yards away across the corner of a field.  He was intent on feeding on soybeans and though I grunted at him, he barely even looked up.  Chad and I snuck out the long way intent on setting up on the other side of the field the next evening.  Of course he never showed up again.



This is what the Double G4 Buck looked like in 2010.  I never saw him
that year.  He was 5 1/2 years old and that is often the age class when
bucks tend to go underground.


2010: I didn't see DG4 at all during the 2010 season though his withered beam was full size again and he had put on some serious inches.  I did get several trail cam photos of him (all at night except one).  He was sure impressive back then.  I hunted him hard during the 2010 season - almost every day.  I stayed on the fringes of what I believed to be his core area, every day expecting to see him.  It was frustrating to hunt a nocturnal ghost for more than 50 days last year.  Don't let anyone tell you that all it takes is time on stand.  You also have to get lucky and have a cooperative buck to hunt.  This guy definitely wasn't cooperative!




August 2011:

We first started filming this buck in early August coming out to beans.  He has been pretty regular and we have been able to film him several times - getting some awesome footage along the way.  DG4 has definitely grown larger since 2010, maybe not a lot larger, but definitely bigger.  I won't guess at his score because the velvet always makes them look ten inches bigger than they are.  He is a whopper though, and as a 6 1/2 year old buck, he is going to pose a definite challenge this year.  I am looking forward to hunting him, but still remember the 2010 season when we never even saw him.  So my expectation level is moderate on this buck.  I would sure love to at least see him this fall - in all his glory.



2009 HIT LIST (I never posted my 2010 list)

20090731163355427.jpgSURVIVOR”: This buck is left over from a pair of bucks that were on Bill’s Hit List last year.  There were two bucks that Bill and friends filmed together severaltimes.  He named them “The Boys”.  Well, on November 16, 2008, Bill shot one of the boys.(Episode 22)  He had several very good trail cam pictures of both bucks still hanging out together as late as early October.  






The remaining half of “The Boys” showed up recently in very nearly the same area where the guys filmed him last year.  He is a little bit bigger – his G4s appear to be slightly longer, but there is no doubt it is the same buck.  He will likely go in the lower 160s this year.  It would be possible to call this buck “The Boy” but that seems a little gay.  Instead, Winke decided to call him “Survivor” to commemorate the fact that he is the surviving half of the dynamic duo. 





In this short  video, you can see what “Survivor” looked like back in July of 2008 when he was hanging out with his buddy – who is now on Winke’s wall.  We don’t know what bond formed between these two deer, but they were together all the time. UPDATE: On Novemember 5, 2009, Bill shot this buck. You can see the hunt by watching Episode 15 from that season.


Here is a video of “Survivor” from early July of 2009.  Chad Lathrop was able to get some good footage of him.  You can see he is a bit bigger and had a fairly complete set of antlers early in the summer. 

Winke plans to hunt this buck in the same general area where he shot the other member of “The Boys” last year, but he won’t be able to use the same stand because of crop rotation.  Last year, that field was standing corn and the deer felt very comfortable coming out into it in daylight.  This year it is soybeans and will likely be harvested shortly after the season opens.  He plans to find the buck somewhere in the area using trail cameras in early October and then set the plan from there.

NO NAME BUCK”: This buck was temporarily on Bill’s hit list last year, but Bill dropped him before the deer even received a name.  When Bill was able to study “No Name” a little closer, (he filmed him three times in 2008) he decided the buck was still young and took him off the hit list. 


Here is a video of what the buck looked like in July and August of last year.  He doesn’t have a mature looking body or head, but a dandy set of antlers.  We are guessing he would have scored in the upper 150s in 2008.  He was probably 3 1/2 years old.


This video, shot on July 29 this year, shows what “No Name” looks like now.  Bill was filming one field from the ground while Drew Yarkosky was filming an adjoining field from a tree stand.  That is why we have two camera angles on this buck from one evening.  Both Bill and Drew were able to film him for a few seconds each.  It was a little dark, so hopefully Bill can get some better footage of “No Name” before the summer is over.  We are guessing that the buck would score close to 170 this year.  He is for sure at least 4 1/2 years old.  If we can get a shot at him, we are definitely going to take this buck. 

The area where “No Name” lives is thick and there are several soybean fields in that area – some of which Bill will leave for food plots.  If the guys can’t get this buck early in the season, he should stick around.  One of the guys hunting that farm spotted the buck in the same area last November, so he is apparently a bit of a homebody.

UPDATE: We firmly believe this buck is dead now. He was limping bad and it is likely that the hard winter of 2009, and the coyotes, claimed him. We never saw him in 2010. You can see what he looked like during the 2009 season (we had a couple of close encounters with him) by watching Episode 23 from the 2009 season.