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Posted By Chad Lathrop at 8/19/2009 12:00:00 AM

20090819172949216.jpg Chad Richcreek lives in southern Pennsylvania where most of his hunting takes place. The whitetails he will be hunting in Pennsylvania have really begun to show their potential with a few years of antler restrictions in place. The land has good rolling hills, a beautiful creek bottom, crop fields on the north and lots of cover to the south for bedding. When he is not there hunting, he is on public land tracts in northwest Maryland. He will also be spending a week in central Illinois in early November. Hunting whitetails and turkeys have been an addiction of his for many years. If he is not in the woods hunting or scouting, then you can bet Chad is mapping out his next plan.

Chad’s Hit List

All of the locations Chad hunts have mature bucks roaming the woods. The trail cam pictures have been amazing and the numbers of bucks are looking very good. Here is the start of Chad’s “Hit List” for the 2009 season; he will be adding to the list as the season develops.

20090819172925941.jpgBrow Tine Buck”:  This is a deer that Chad has had a couple of encounters with over the past 2 years. He first saw this deer as a 2-1/2 year old with about 4” brows and great potential but just needed another year to grow. As a 3-1/2 year old, the buck showed himself to Chad but always stayed just out of range for a good bow shot. This year, BrowTine Buck is a 4-1/2 year old, and you can see from early trail cam pictures that he is looking great with tremendous early rack growth. Chad has several ideas to outsmart this deer and get him within bow range this year.

20090819172923180.jpgBIG NINE”:  This was a buck that Chad was pursuing last year and he believed it to be a 3-1/2 year old. Chad’s father had an opportunity at this buck last season but could not close the deal, never getting a clear shot at him. Later that season Chad did have an encounter with this buck when it came in chasing a hot doe along with another buck Chad was after called “Basket 8”.  “Basket 8" ended up being the buck that gave him the best kill shot so he arrowed “Basket 8” and left “Big Nine” for this season. By the way, "Basket 8" is the buck in Chad's bio picture - an awesome buck.  Chad has some trail cam pictures from this year that appear to be “Big Nine” and the bowhunter is looking forward to the coming season.



Here is a more recent picture of "Big Nine" right before they started rubbing out. Chad hopes to keep him close in his hunting area once he is hard horned, he would like to get a arrow into him this season!






MR. T”:  Chad just found this buck near his hunting area on a recent outing when he was trying to get velvet footage.  He nicknamed him “Mr.T” because of the very nice ten-point rack he is sporting.  Chad has already begun mapping out a plan to get on this deer during the coming season.




"AWESOME 8": Chad just decided to add this guy to the hit list.  He is frequenting in the same area as "Big Nine", Chad was not sure how he would develop, but studying him now he had to add him, he looks good for this part of Pennsylvania.