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Cold Fronts
Posted By Lake Pickle at 10/9/2012 12:00:00 AM
   An October cold front can be the key to getting bucks up on their feet
   and you having early season success.

In the early weeks of the season it seems like bucks are more difficult to pattern and key in on than other times, such as the rut.   Many hunters also struggle with nocturnal deer movement this time of year. The combination of these two things can result in a very unsuccessful and uneventful early season. Southeast pro-staffer Carter Evans discusses his strategy to overcome these obstacles.

The weather plays a huge role in deer movement. One good cold front can be all it takes to get the deer on their feet, and to get a buck that has been completely nocturnal to show himself in daylight hours. At this point in the year deer have their winter coats and because of this they are not as likely to move in warm weather because they get hot.  When a cold front moves through, deer are more willing to move around because they can do it comfortably. An early cold front can also bring in the first frost of the year that can result in killing off some of the available forage which makes deer work more for food sources. Carter’s main strategy for getting on hit list bucks that have been no shows in daylight so far is to wait until a cold front when there's better chance the deer will be moving. 

This strategy works. pay more attention to the weatherman. If he says a cold front is headed your way, it’s time to get in the tree stand. It could be your best chance of killing a mature buck in the early season.vTo learn more about hunting cold fronts watch the Midwest Whitetail TV Episode: October Fronts