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Wacky Rack
Posted By Indiana Pro Staff at 9/20/2013 12:00:00 AM
September 20, 2013   _________________________________________________________________________________________
With the season quickly approaching here in southern Indiana, we're putting the finishing touches on hanging our Muddy tree stands, checking our cameras and finishing up our hit list for 2013. A couple weeks ago I introduced our #1 hit list buck Mr. Wacky. Our history with this deer started last September 2012 when we started getting pictures of this wacky racked 2 1/2 year old buck. He was narrow and pretty tall, definitley not a buck we wanted to take, but he sure got our attention. We had one encounter with him on Nov. 11th in a thick cut-over chasing a doe, we were unable to get any footage of this deer but we sure knew who he was. Fast forward to July 2013. We started running cameras in the same area, on the same Trophy Rock station, and the first time we pulled the card, Mr. Wacky was the first buck to hit the mineral.I have several daylight pictures of him as well as video clips on another mineral site about 200 yards away. He is definitley on the top of our hit list, even though he is just a 3 1/2 this year. A game plan has been put together to try to harvest this buck. We hung a set just off the edge of the thick cut-over where we believe he is staying. He is traveling from the bedding area, past the cameras to a creek bottom where he follows this out to a lush bean field in the evenings. If this pattern continues, the first cool evening with a north/northwest wind we will be in the stand trying to put all the pieces to the puzzle together, and try to harvest this awesome Pope & Young whitetail.  Wish us LUCK!

- Rod Rincker

September 19, 2013 

After climbing to his treestand, Paul Walerczak discovered wasps had made a nest under the stand. Obviously panicked, Paul dropped everything he was doing to focus on getting away from the wasps. He inadvertently let go of the tree, and what would have been a 20' free-fall turned into a 1' drop as his Muddy Safeline tightened, preventing the fall. To learn more about the Muddy Safegaurd harness and Safeline system, click here