Urban Zone

MW16.6: Urban Zone Success | Shooting Tips

Mike Reed and Jared Mills kick off their season in the Iowa Urban Zone.  The goal of the hunt is to decrease the antlerless population and it doesn’t take Mike long to connect.  The duo also discuss the target bucks they’ve found so far and the ones they are hoping will soon make an appearance.  Then, we join Erik Barber as he takes what he learned from hunting a new farm last year to make improvements for the 2016 season.  Finally, I discuss shooting tips to get you ready for opening day. Be sure to enter the “Defiant” the truck giveaway at Hoyt and  see the new accessories at Fuse.



Is there a chance that the 2.5 year old with the long split brows is from the genetic line of the buck I think you call "Splits" a few years back?
How about putting an arrow on each Ask Winke question so once we have read the question and the response, we can just hit the arrow and go on to the next question and answer?
I see you shooting a lot, how come you don't use a 3-D Buck for practice?



Lefty Broke a Tine Already!

I barely had time to get excited about Lefty before he started breaking his rack. The left G3 is gone. If he keeps this up we will have to start calling him "Righty".
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I Say He’s a Two-Year-Old

There has been some debate out there whether this buck with the crazy brows can be only two years old. Stop looking at his antlers and look at his body.
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